30 Minute Recipes: Quick, Easy and Delicious!

30-Minute Dinners For Busy Nights
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Use fresh linguine for this protein-packed, vegetarian lo mein. Chicken with Olives and Peppers.

Pantry Pasta

Not to mention very friendly on your wallet. Sear steak. This easy vegan Grilled Vegetable Wrap Sandwich is made even better with a smear of hummus and a sprinkle of fresh basil. Recipe Ideas. S with a triple shot latte in-hand.

Caramelized Chile Shrimp. Veggie Wraps with Goat Cheese. Basil Chile Chicken Stir-Fry. To make this Thai-inspired dish a bit more spicy, leave the seeds in the chile. Citrusy Shrimp Stuffed Avocados. These Peruvian ceviche boats will give you serious vacation vibes. Soy and Whiskey-Glazed Pork Chops. Add a kick to juicy pork chops with a "shot" of garlic- and ginger-infused whiskey glaze. Roasted Shrimp and Poblano Salad. Quick Mu Shu Pork.

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Tangerine Beef. Lemony Crab Linguine. Chicken and Zucchini Mole.


Crunchy Salmon with Lemony Squash Salad. Sourdough bread is the key to the crunch of this quick and easy salmon dinner.

30-Minute Recipes

Cauliflower Curry. Serve this spicy vegetarian curry with toasted Indian naan bread. Veggie Trio on Sweet Mash. This is healthy comfort food at its finest. Give us all the mashed sweet potatoes, please. Potato Chip Omelet. When potato chips become dinner, you know all is right in the world. Steak and Fingerling Frites. Mushroom Quesadillas. Dinner in 10 thanks to the world's most perfect food tortillas, of course. Make these burgers in less time than it takes you to hop in the car and hit up the drive-thru.

Skillet Lasagna. Emily Kate Roemer. Warm Wild Mushroom and Lentil Salad. Blue cheese with a side of salad, anyone? Yea, we thought so. Classic Chicken Parmesan. Veggie Lo Mein. Spicy Grilled Salmon. Zesty Shrimp Tacos. Taco night should be every night, especially when they're this quick and easy. Anna Williams. Spicy Tuna Roll Salad. Enter: These easy, low-stress recipes that go from mise en place to plated dinner in 30 minutes.

50+ Quick Healthy Dinners (30 Minutes Or Less)

Or less. There's so much goodness packing into this main dish salad, you won't believe it only takes 25 minutes. Technically, this is timed at 35 minutes. We promise.

That parsley in your fridge is lonely! Use it to make a quick pesto while your pasta water comes to a boil. You're just 20 minutes away from a side dish that's just as good for lunch the next day. Ready in about 15 minutes, and it involves lots and lots of butter. Serve with ricotta toast for a full meal.

You're making your own hot sauce—but don't worry, this entire recipe still clocks in at 30 minutes.

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This one-pot dinner is simple: Sweet cherry tomatoes, chorizo, and a splash of wine do the heavy lifting. In your belly in half an hour. The most time-consuming portion of this recipe is rendering out bacon fat. We think you'll find it's worth it.

Minute Recipes—for When You’re Already Starving - Southern Living

You're making a big batch of use-on-everything lemony dressing—but this recipe only takes 20 minutes. Why waste time with a knife? A simple whack to a cucumber yields jagged surfaces eager to soak up this tangy dressing. Though it may seem like a counterintuitive practice, extra flipping is the secret to the golden-brown crust on these pork chops.

Healthy 30 Minute Meals for Families

76 Quick Minute Dinner Ideas for Those Crazy-Busy Weeknights easy spins on some of your favorite meals with these simple recipes. Dinner can be ready in less than 30 minutes with these quick and easy recipes. Minute Dinner Recipes. Get dinner on the table in a half-hour or less with these quick and easy recipes. .. Healthy Dinners in 40 Minutes or Less 99 Photos.

This recipe is done in 25 minutes. Anchovy butter delivers bold flavor to this back-pocket pasta. Plus, there's a serving of veggies!

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Depending on how rare you like your steak, this may take even less time than the recipe calls for. This stew might come together quickly, but it gets plenty of backbone from fennel and white wine.