The Rules to Raise Happy, Healthy Children (Collection)

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They deserve the same respect as any other human in the world. Instead lend a hand when necessary, but not as boss, but rather a fellow human. Kids are people too, treat them this way. I mean, you gotta say no too. I do my best to say yes when and where I can and then say no, only when I have to.

The Rules to Raise Happy, Healthy Children (Collection), 2/e

You want them to liven a world of yes too. The world should be an endless place of possibility and wonder for kids. Build them up! Tell them yes. YES, it is a big and sometimes scary world out there, but YES they have a ton of power inside of them and they should know this.

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We see flowers. Raise your kid to see flowers with you. Do this by seeing flowers yourself. You see flower, you show flowers, you teach flowers, you breathe flowers, they do too. How do you introduce the world to your kids?

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With positivity and hope? Do you show them that the glass is half full? Or do you have a negative attitude yourself?

Are you bummed that your kid complains or whines often? Do you want your kid to be positive and happy? See flowers. This goes hand in hand with my other ideas— but if I want Marlowe to treat me with respect, I have to show her what respect looks like. And not expect her to speak to me and others that way. If I want her to be a kind and empathetic human being, I have to be a kind and empathetic human being.

This last week we traveled and had a really rocky plane experience.

need more help?

Well, I broke down. I cried. I know you have a fear of planes. We all have fears. And its okay. How does my eight year old child speak to me this way? Because I treat her like a tiny respect deserving human. We have conversations about her emotions and her life. And I give her positive light and outlook, even when things get rough. I speak to her this way. And she has learned to treat others the same in return. You know those kids who whine at their parents or yell or talk back to them? I treat her with respect the same way I treat others around me with respect. Now she does too. The other thing that will affect how your child reacts in the world is diet.

Obviously what you eat directly affects your health. You guys know how we feed Marlowe.

How to raise Happy Kids - Early Childhood Parenting Tips -

She gets desserts and treats on occasion. But we leave out most of the junk most of the time. How do you feel after eating a large not-great-for-you meal? Do you feel energized and ready to take on the day?

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Or do you feel lethargic or maybe anxious? What you put in your body will either make you feel better or worse.

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Imagine how that non-food gets processed in a tiny body. Marlowe is expected to eat well.

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Also sleep. Sleeps is so so so important for everyone, but especially growing kids. There are of course exceptions, but cranky kids often just need a good, healthy meal and proper sleep. I could go on and on, but all these things matter. You can read my post on not getting sick while traveling , this post explains not only how we travel, but essentially how we try to function at optimal levels all the time.

Waffles are a treat, not the norm for us.

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Not anyone. So, how do you do the things you can do? The things most likely to help your children enjoy their lives, and grow into healthy, confident, successful, happy adults?

These three books bring together invaluable advice: help that's fun, friendly, non-judgmental, realistic, and above all, useful! Next, in Nobody Told Me That! Jay identifies what the most successful parents do, distills those insights into 10 core principles, and shows how to actually apply them in your own family. Stephen Briers goes inside your child's mind, and helps you give them the skills, tactics, and strategies they'll need to manage their own lives. Briers teaches powerful, proactive techniques that don't simply respond to bad behavior, but keep it from happening in the first place.

Drawing on compelling new research on positive psychology, he shows how to cultivate specific habits of thought that nurture resilience and help ';inoculate' against depressive illness promote happiness and well-being cultivate personal competence and social confidence boost problem-solving skills, and more. With these eBooks, you and your kids will enjoy each other more and they'll grow up with the solid foundation they need to find their own paths, build their own lives, and thrive!

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Single parents raising happy, healthy children

The arrival of a second child can require a fair degree of adjustment, both, for the parent and the first child. It may be structural, medical or neurological. Beth A. They got better grades. In other words, eat as you want him to eat. As unpleasant as it may be, divorce or separation is very real, and affect children. Communicate, face-to-face with your baby and small child.

The Rules of Management Richard Templar.