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This is even the case for organic products. So how can you avoid it?

Another food packaging concern you might have heard about is bisphenol-A BPA. Here are other toxic chemicals that can clog your arteries. Those brightly colored cereals, candy, and sports drinks likely contain food dyes that could be harmful for children. In addition, these dyes may trigger allergic reactions such as hives, itching, and swelling in sensitive individuals.

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Sass it can be difficult to figure out exactly which food colorings are used in processed foods. Mmm, the buttery goodness of the smell of a freshly opened bag of microwave popcorn. The high temperatures may release chemicals from adhesives, polymers, paper, and paperboard into the food.

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Reactions thus occur sometimes after eating seafood, rather than on every occasion. Believe it or not, there are even personality and behavioral characteristics that fall into blood type categories. Watch out for milk substitutes and cereals that contain a lot of maltose, dextrose or fructose as these sugars do not suit everybody. In rare cases, symptoms can persist for a few days. Affected fish often have a metallic or peppery taste.

A recent study found that perfluorinated chemicals were also found in fast food wrappings, like burger and sandwich wrappers, french fry containers, Chinese food containers, and pizza boxes—and previous research has shown the chemicals can leach into food. Artificial sweeteners may seem better for your kids than sugar, but research as to the safety of them, specifically aspartame, is worrisome.

The bacteria release two types of toxins that each cause a different illness — one causes diarrhea while the other toxin elicits vomiting, according to the U. The first type of toxin is released in the small intestine after the bacteria are ingested, and causes diarrhea, cramps and occasionally nausea but rarely vomiting.

Toxic Food Landmines

Symptoms typically begin 6 to 15 hours after eating contaminated foods, which can include various meats, milk, vegetables or fish. The symptoms typically subside after about a day. The second type of toxin is released by the bacteria in the food before it's consumed. Starchy foods, such as rice, are the most common sources of food affected.

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The toxin causes vomiting and nausea within 30 minutes to 6 hours after eating the contaminated food. Symptoms subside after about 24 hours. Names and places of patients have been changed by the author to protect and respect their privacy.

Toxic oil syndrome

All stories are true, based upon letters, audio or video recordings received from the people themselves, their heal 95 out of people are poisoning themselves and don't even know it! All stories are true, based upon letters, audio or video recordings received from the people themselves, their healthcare professionals or from televised shows. This is the ninth printing.

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