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I did not have the spare time to watch the diving competition closely, but I remember clearly the fourth-grade you ignoring the fifth and sixth graders present and winning the championship. At the time it was just a small event. Everyone had been anticipating you since before the competition started.

As you said, they were expecting too much from you. You had already acquired your own diving. Everyone hoped that you would continue to grow steadily like that. And indeed, you looked to be growing steadily after that. Thoroughbreds and workhorses both have their own trials. Or rather, I am not sure why I am talking about this. Maybe he was tired from talking so much. Youichi was assailed by the self-hatred that came after one talked about oneself too much. If you like, even the story of your first love is fine. No normal friends, no normal family, no special girl, no vacation memories, no interests, nothing.

All for going to the Olympics one day. Still it was fine, because I had the Olympics. No matter how tough practice was, even if I failed, I was okay if I thought about how the Olympics were waiting ahead. I…wanted to one day surpass my father at the Olympics. That dream supported me.

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Before long, as if to ascertain the heaviness of the atmosphere, Chairman Maebara tilted his wrinkled head slightly. His father would have despaired if he knew, and everyone in the MDC would be disappointed as well. His eyes showed pity for the first time. If you were reselected as a representative through a competition, then the Olympics will become yours? As you are trying to defend something, everyone else is also defending something. And I as well have something I have to defend. The thread that had been stretched to its limit had been severed, and Youichi slumped back onto his chair.

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If possible, he wanted to crawl into the bed next to him and go to sleep forever. Outside the window, the too-bright sun was uselessly and cheerfully shining. The skyscraper street that was bathed in that sun became blurred white at the bottom of a haze-like smog. The crowded, bustling city also seemed extremely inorganic from the twenty-seventh story window, looking like a monochromatic photo snatched from the stream of time.

Suddenly, he noticed Chairman Maebara standing before him, holding a can of beer with both hands.

DIVE!! Book 3 Chapter 9-BOY’S DESIRE

As the Japanese diving world needs them, my policy remains unchanged. Teramoto is the one person who could probably clear that with his present, true ability. The representation right will be given to only one player who won over points. In the situation where no one could surpass that criterium, it cannot be helped. Teramoto will be going to Sydney by himself.

What White Boyz Desire

In order for you to go to Sydney, there are two essential conditions. One, there must be no diver other than Teramoto who clears over points at the Sino-Japanese Goodwill Competition, and two, you win with over points at the next qualifiers. These are incredibly tough conditions. The Olympics will be your own, and your dream will shine again. Youichi was somewhat absentminded, shakily imitated the toasting gesture, and carried it to his mouth like he was taking restorative medicine. Right when he said that, a knocking sound came at almost the same time.

When the secretary in the two-piece suit came in along with reporters and cameramen and others, Youichi was still in a daze, like he was in a dream. Just before leaving the suddenly noisy room as though driven away by the reporters skillfully setting up their lighting equipment, he spoke to Chairman Maebara falteringly.

As he took the wind that was disturbing that light, right then, Youichi suddenly felt an eye-dazzling sense of freedom. I lost something, and then I gained something, he thought. What I lost is much greater than what I gained. Something I wanted unbearably….

On the ground where people continuously came and went, and time galloped at the speed of light, only Youichi was standing without the slightest movement, continuing to bask in the heat descending from the sky. Like a stake that was once in a while driven in, he stood there stock still for a long time.

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Next time on DIVE!! I thought, Oh, so the Earth looks like this upside-down.

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My fellow commenters: Whatever the author may or may not be, whatever she has written or merely believed, be wary of the social lynch mob. Sure, there are ignorant bigoted white males in nearly every college classroom. Connect with me on LinkedIn. The film has been referenced many times in other works, including works by Lupe Fiasco , Game , and Ice Cube himself. It was as bitter as the tears that were about to flow. The bloodshed of the robbery intensifies the manhunt for Lamar and Pewtie is one of the officers who drops by the scene of the crime. And she just might find her puuurfect match.

Continue your story. So you feel lighter on the water than on land, is that it? That person is always like that. Non Whites are not interested in full equality, but rather racial rule over Whites, particularly White men. Thus the choice for White men is simple: A. I personally vote C.

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Regardless Martin Luther King Jr. Crooked Hillary could be brought down by a Paki's Jewish husband that masturbates to underage girls. America My friends from India told me they were raised to despise the British. The higher the caste, the more they hated the British. Feminists are ugly—so? She is a whiter kind of South Asian. I wonder if she uses skin cream. Though much whiter and privileged than the great majority of their countrymen many of whom were subject peoples of distant white conquerors , they play the people-of-color card against whiter whites in EU and US. And it needs to be asked again and again.

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If these folks are so hostile to whiteness, why do they insist on coming to live in white nations under white power structure? Do they feel their own kind is inferior as neighbors, co-workers, managers, and leaders? You have it reversed.

Asian women raised in U. The perpetual destruction machine of feminism is like the T, morphing between the racial groups at will and mimicking ethnic accents to suit its current environs. As an aside I should say I really like Indians.

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Of all non-European ethnic groups, their souls are most akin to ours. After all, which other ethnic group embraces self-abegnating altruism Buddha, Gandhi, the Jains to the same suicidal extent as us? Are we in the midst of another Veddic invasion? The formation of a Hindu-Ashkenazi-Han elite caste, with various lower castes beneath them to do the plumbing, roofing, no-sleep truck driving, deep-sea Alaska crab fishing? OT More prominent Dems might have had their e-mail hacked. But I have to think that Podesta was the biggest and the best.